‘Like Me (Love Me)’ & ‘#Attention Seekers’ will be performing at the Barons Court Theatre Festival in a double bill on Wednesday 4th April 2018!

This exciting evening of performance art sees two millennial shattering interrogations that will make you stop and think.

‘Like Me (Love Me)’:
Daniella has over 700 Twitter followers.
Daniella has over 500 Instagram followers.
As far as Daniella is aware, nobody follows her in real life.
But does anyone actually LIKE Daniella? Not just ‘like’ her, but like, like her?
Featuring the Lion King, lip syncing, and lots of balls, ‘Like Me (love me)’ sees Daniella journey through three stages of her brain and the world wide web in an attempt to understand her own brain and the reason she loves the internet. It’s a therapy session, performance, and childish playtime all rolled into one.

Daniella Harrison is (apparently) an artist who creates work about the big scary millennial world she inhabits, taking bits from and making fun of pop culture, the internet, and herself. She tries to tackle big issues like mental health, but mainly she wants you to laugh a lot, particularly at her bad dancing. A current student at QMUL, she has previously shown work at London variety nights. You can often find her attempting to do grown-up things whilst wearing a five-year-olds wardrobe of dungarees and a scrunchie.

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