Protest Song, by Tim Price, is performing at the Barons Court Theatre Festival on Saturday 7th April 2018
Presented by the Florence Theatre Company

About the play:
Danny sleeps rough on the steps of St.Paul’s Cathedral. One morning he wakes to three thousand people on his doorstep as protesters begin the Occupy movement. In this heartfelt monologue the confrontational and abrasive Danny recounts his experience of the movement with acerbic humour and crackling momentum, showing both its inspiring idealism and harsh realities. As his participation in the protest develops Danny is forced to face feelings he thought he had left behind as he struggles to retain his humanity in a society that rejects it.

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The Florence Theatre Company is an independent theatre company based in London. We aim to create challenging works which both engage and provoke the audience, while showcasing talented new writing within a supportive environment. Run by Jordan Wilkes and Alberto Lais, this new company was born out of a desire to explore ideas and concepts independently, challenging convention in favour of free expression.

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