‘Rubber’ is performed in a real, moving car. So come and sit in the back seats of Jess and Tom’s car, who’re in a loving relationship. Right?

Jess loves Tom. Tom loves Jess. And drugs. And money. And power.

This fly-on-the-wall experience puts the audience into the capable hands of Tom, who is driving Jess around for her first call of the day. Living in a society where they have turned to sex work just to pay the bills, how could things get worse for them? But when Tom’s hidden truths come to light, the road gets a bit bumpy.

Buckle in, literally, for “immersive theatre at its finest”. One man’s struggle to control himself versus one woman’s struggle to break free.

Written by Patrick Wilson & Hayden Munt

‘Rubber’ was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 for a 70 show sell-out run in association with Zoo Southside that gained rave reviews.

In 2018 it has returned, but this time in London to the VAULT Festival for an 8 week run with 120 performances.

“A unique, inventive, innovative and immaculate experience. And fucking scary”
“The best idea at the Fringe”
“Immersive theatre at it’s finest”

Director – Patrick Wilson
Producer – Matthew Turbett
Music – Yossarian

London VAULT Festival 2018 Cast/Creatives:
Tom – Peter Watts | Jess – Beatrice Lawrence
TomJosh Sinclair Evans | Jess – Holly Ashman
Assistant Director – Rebecca Vaa
Assistant Producer – Roselle Olivia-Hirst
Photography – Tara Carlin (see above)

Edinburgh 2016 Cast/Creatives:
Tom – Hayden Munt | Jess – Sophia Luu
Touring Manager – Michael Tigchelaar
Graphic Designer – James Cassir